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Frequently asked questions

  1. Are You An Attorney?
    No, we are consultants and do not render legal or accounting advice. We have a nationwide network or attorneys on retainer to assist with all legal debt and collection matters.
  2. How Much Do You Charge
    We charge a fee based upon the amount of savings achieved for you. We are paid only if the creditor agrees to accept a reduction of the balance owed. If we don’t achieve a reduction, our service is free.
  3. What Are Some Of The Benefits I Might Get From A Negotiated Debt Resolution?
    More money saved, avoidance of litigation costs, faster resolution, lower interest rates on borrowed funds, better credit scoring, avoidance of bankruptcy, more time to work on your core business, less stress, creating a bridge to a better time for your business, increase in cash flow, improved balance sheet and income statement, and protection of your business or personal assets.
  4. How do you make sure that the debt is really settled and that the creditor won’t come back for more later?
    We insist that every creditor sign and return a full and complete release when receiving money. In cases involving liens, abstracted judgments and other documents filed in public records, we also insist on receiving original releases for recording as appropriate.
  5. How Long Does It Take To See Results?
    It depends. If you need a lien removed to close on a commercial real estate deal next week, we’ll work to get a deal done by the deadline. Our custom tailored approach to each client includes consideration of the timing of events and the needs of each client.
  6. Is Banukrptcy A Good Option?
    Remember, bankruptcy does have a real cost. 10 Years Or More On Your Credit File Your credit file will look as if a bomb exploded in it. If you’re looking for a reason not to file bankruptcy, a bankruptcy attorney is not the one to ask!
  7. Can you stop the creditor from calling or writing us?
    One of our first objectives. is to stop all creditors from harassing phone calls we can also sue them after we have sent them the cease and desisst letter for up to $ 1500.00 per occurance
  8. Is There Any Type Debt That You Do Not Work With
    We handle all types of debt business and personal debt
  9. How Do You Get results
    We create a custom strategy for your specific situation. We put our knowledge, experience and our proprietary Custom Tailored Approach to work for you.